Does anyone have had any success of the winesteam version of Bayonetta

The game has no lutris installer so I just ran my winesteam from lutris and installed it there manually.
After syncing/importing the library lutris even picked up the launcher for it and everything, but I get really strange stutters and graphics glitches:

  • intro video being horribly low fps
  • audio sounds like the pulse buffer is constantly empty (and yes, i did enable the pulse latency fix)
  • the main menu consists of semi-transparent black quads (=untextured where I guess text for the buttons is supposed to go) in front of a red animated background, but the text that appears in the corner of the screen on mouseover of the buttons is actually rendering fine, which is a really strange combination
  • also the window looks like it renders to a 16:9 aspect ratio buffer (which fits my screen resolution) but is then pillarboxed and “squished” (everything’s taller and narrower than supposed to) to be 4:3 only (while the window itself including the black pillars still being 16:9). doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s fullscreen, windowed or even in a virtual desktop.

according to none of those is supposed to happen. and yes, csmt is enabled, and I’m running on wine 3.3 and nvidia gtx98ti with driver 390.25 (current).