Do you need to log in to via Lutris?

I used once before v.5.0 and I was able to install 2 games from just fine.

However after the 5.0 release, installation would never work unless if I logged into GOG during the installation prompt. I could not simply download the files from GOG and point to them (even though you would get a prompt asking you if you refuse to log-in…but that installation process would never work).

I don’t like this for 2 reasons

1.) I just don’t like the idea of giving my information to another party

2.) More importantly, I was having a ton of difficulty installing a game, and so instead of just pointing to the .exe file, I had to download the GOG files each time I tried to install the game. Not only is this riduclously time consuming, but its also an issue for those with limited bandwidth.

So am I just doing something wrong for me to be prompted to log-in to GOG? Is there a way to bypass t his requirement?


To summarize, I went to install a game; with the only difference being that in one instance I had Lutris point to a .exe file. Installation failed. I then did the exact same thing, only this time giving Lutris my GOG info and letting it download those exact same files directly from GOG; installation went perfectly.

From what I can tell, it doesn’t actually read the login credentials (which is why I have to enter them every time).

As for downloads, there are two ways to fix it.

First is to place your files in {cache-path}/{gameid}/gog/ (I don’t remember if it stores files automatically when you install them). It only works if you put an absolute path in the cache-path setting. And on the first run it’ll need to download checksum manifests for each file from GOG site.

The other option is to download the complete install script (a JSON file without newlines) and remove gogid/gogslug from it, so that Lutris falls back to the old “select the installer file” behaviour.

That sounds promising. Thanks; I’ll give it a go and get bck to you with updates.