DLL Override Config Syntax

Sry to bother but am I doing something wrong to specify the dll override like this:

  xinput: true
    xinput1_3: builtin

This is all I could find out by looking over the source code.
But it isn’t complaining (as an Error in the terminal) nor is wine reporting the override like for

[wine]:Setting wine registry key : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\Direct3D\OffscreenRenderingMode to fbo

Thank you.

Have you checked that the override isn’t present with winecfg?
Starting from 0.4.2, Lutris applies overrides with its own Registry parser written in Python. This is much faster as it doesn’t require launching Wine. Some previous code such as the OffscreenRenderingMode registry key still uses the old method that is calling Wine.

For the record, here’s the source code for prefix and registry management in Lutris: