Divinity: Original Sin 2 with the steam controller

Hi there,

currently Im playing Original Sin 2 DE. I wonder if someone managed to play it with the Steam (or any other) Controller. Its Controller optimization is pretty good and in Windows no problem but in Linux, both Wine and Steams proton doesnt recognize the Gamepad.
Does someone have had the same problem?

Thank You.

Can you get the native version for Linux? I’ve just installed that via GOG and the controller (WiiU Pro) works very nicely.

There is no native version.

@fladie If it doesn’t work with Proton you should report this on the github issue.

Oh dear, I was thinking of D:OS seeing I had just installed it, what a dumbass :slight_smile:

Using Linux kernel version 4.18 (and probably any version above) made a huge difference here : it has builtin support for steam controller. Nothing to do, it just works for the games I use.

Before that I was using SC controller : https://github.com/kozec/sc-controller