Distant Worlds 2 GOG installer not starting


When pressing the “Install” button for Distant Worlds 2 lutris doesn’t start the installer. Output from the terminal:

2023-03-23 13:28:46,745: Fetching installer https://lutris.net/api/installers/gog:1562671603
2023-03-23 13:28:46,745: GET https://lutris.net/api/installers/gog:1562671603

Wget returns an empty set:

wget https://lutris.net/api/installers/gog:1562671603
--2023-03-23 13:29:16--  https://lutris.net/api/installers/gog:1562671603
Loaded CA certificate '/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt'
Resolving lutris.net (lutris.net)... 2606:4700:3034::ac43:9ff8, 2606:4700:3033::6815:2930,, ...
Connecting to lutris.net (lutris.net)|2606:4700:3034::ac43:9ff8|:443... failed: Connection refused.
Connecting to lutris.net (lutris.net)|2606:4700:3033::6815:2930|:443... failed: Connection refused.
Connecting to lutris.net (lutris.net)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 52 [application/json]
Saving to: ‘gog:1562671603’

gog:1562671603                                      100%[===================================================================================================================>]      52  --.-KB/s    in 0s      

2023-03-23 13:29:18 (124 MB/s) - ‘gog:1562671603’ saved [52/52]

cat gog\:1562671603 

Any ideas?


I have no idea about that bollocks, except not to use it (the scripts and remote paths are obviously broken)

Download your installer (.exe) and archive (.bin) files from GoG for the game.

In Lutris, create a Wine prefix manually and leave some unknown fields blank for now, like the game executable. You’ll have to choose Wine and the path to the Wine prefix you are going to create. Configure it the way you want, in Runner Options and when done, go to “Wine Configuration” (in the right hand wine menu for the game) and let it run winecfg and generate the Wine prefix.

Then, again in the right hand Wine menu for the game, choose “Run EXE in Wine Prefix” and browse for your GoG installers and install your game.

When done, go back to Configure for the game and fill in the path to the game executable, the full (unix) path to it in the wine prefix.

P.S. To Add a new Game, click the big + sign in Lutris and choose “Locally Installed Game” for this type of manual game install.

Allready gone through the manual installation. This game has a lot of issues and so I thought I’ll use the install script. One other issue I chanced upon was that my system winetricks has dotnet6 and dotnet6desktop available after --self-update while the lutris one doesn’t. The lutris package says that it’s using the system winetricks so who knows what’s going on there.