Disco Elysium - No file provided

Hi. I’m trying to play Disco Elysium on Ubuntu 20.04. The game installs normally and works the first time. However, when leaving the game, I try to enter again and it gives error: “No file provided”. I’m using Ubuntu 20.04.

Someone could help me, please.

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Hi, I made it start.

to solve that specific problem, in Lutris right click on the game, click on Configure and go to the Game Options tab. The Executable is wrong, points to “… disco.exe”, while it should be “Disco Elysium.exe”

After that it starts, but with the default wine version for runtime, for me being 6.0-rc1, it hangs.
I changed to the last stable 5.7: always right click, configure, then Runner Options tab and select 5.7 if available. If not available, there should be something on the Lutris docs about how to install custom runtimes.

Hope it helps, I finally can move forward with the game without rebooting to Windows :slight_smile: