Disable Steam Source, Steam Games still showing up

Fresh install, copied over Lutris config files to keep configs for games on other drives.

Figured I’d hit that refresh button on STEAM under runners to see what that would be like.

Turns out it took a while but my whole steam library installed is now listed in Lutris, and I’ve decided I don’t want that list in Lutris any more.

I disabled STEAM as a source, but all the games are still there, and I’m not sure the best way to “remove” them (like… all at once) without removing content from STEAM itself.

Google has not turned anything up that’s relevant.

How does one normally undo this? And no, I do not want to nuke my Lutris config folder and rebuild, as I need to keep the Lutris-installed game config stuff.

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Hahah… I accidentally did that too once while troubleshooting using a Steam Proton runner (and it was completely the wrong thing to do and had nothing to do with it). Disabling the Steam source doesn’t remove the tiles that are already added.

What I had to do was… wait for it… manually right click on the tiles I don’t want in Lutris and remove them (yeah, it was tedious, especially since I had duplicates because of re-buying games on GoG and installing them in Lutris)