DirectX over vulkan status - vk9(dx9), dxup(dx10), dxvk(dx11), vkd3d(dx12)


Today, dxvk works very well with wine and is supported in lutris.
What about other active projects?

VK9 for DirectX 9 to Vulkan
dxup for DirectX 10 to DirectX 11
dxvk for DirectX 11 to Vulkan
vkd3d for DirectX 12 to Vulkan

A quick look at these projects from my own personal point of view:

VK9 personally I really don’t see the point of this project. Between gallium nine and the more recent PBA patches, there really is no DX9 games out there i can see benefiting from this to any great extent.

DXUP has only recently crossed my radar and I do plan on looking more into this. One thing though is the fact that DX10 was pretty much a Vista exclusive, the amount of games that use DX10 natively and those that require it in some fashion, leads me to believe that this project seems like a lot of work for the benefit of so few games.

DXVK what can I say, couple this with the recent PBA patches (for other games) and it feels like Wine Gaming has had a whole new lease of life. Absolutely love both.

VKD3D not sure if this is the same thing as recent wine news that they will be converting DX12 directly to vulkan by default. Is this a separate project or have I just got my wires crossed?

It’s a wine project for DirectX12 over Vulkan
Version 1.0
Git :

If I’m not mistaken, I believe the VKD3D project is being directly incorporated into Wine itself.

On fedora, wine 3.9 has just added libvkd3d package. Debian sid repos also has these packages.