Digimon Masters - Help with a install script creation i made

Hello world, i’m new to Lutris and loving it, so i tried to add a somewhat wrong script to install with wine the North American version of Digimon Masters, because after it pass all the install process i have to abort the Lutris window and add it manually from the menu. The game is working 100% fine, but it don’t add automatic to the library. I was trying to make a new entry for the game on the database because Digimon Masters is a MMORPG that have many exclusive servers: GDMO (North America), Steam DMO (North America, obs: they can play together with GDMO folks), KDMO (Korea), LADMO (South America), etc… Then, should i try to put the new standalone installer together with the Steam auto version “Digimon Masters Online” that is already on the database? and if i want to add LADMO in the future, or KDMO, should i need to try to put them separatedly, or all together with Steam Digimon Masters Online auto entry?

  • the issue:

  • the script:
name: Digimon Masters
game_slug: digimon-masters
version: 829
slug: GDMO Installer
runner: wine

    exe: $GAMEDIR/DMLauncher.exe
  - installer: https://movegames-cdn.gameking.com/Movegames/431956/DMO/Gsp/Fullclient/GDMO_Installer_829.exe
  - task:
      executable: installer
      name: wineexec

So… what is missing for the lutris window to exit automatically after the install or what is wrong?

$GAMEDIR is only the root of the linux install directory. You’ve installed it using WINE, so it creates a bunch of WINE prefix structure :slight_smile:

So, your game exe description needs to go a bit futher…

      exe: drive_c/MoveInteractive/GDMO/DMLauncher.exe
      prefix: $GAMEDIR