Different default names for different versions in Quake

I love how you add quakes

But as I bought the pack, and have all of them I also would like to have all the versions as the great vulkan quake 1 do not let install the add on missions and they must be installed with darkplaces.

So it would be great that version s would be able to be treated as different games by default (I edited the names to “Quake 1 darktable” and “Quake 1 vulkan”)

I would love a Gemcraft CS Linux version (I play it with wine) as it is made in Adobe Air, perhaps a mail to the author from you can do the trick.

For the future I suggest to add links to video walk through made by and for the Lutris community. Thay can be a way to fund the project with google (or other) adds. I would love to watch Vulkan Quake walk through before playing levels again as I do not remember all the hidden stuff I did read or find myself some time ago.

Last but not least wine battle.net do not work at all for me.

And Steam wine do not have a working inside browser, but works as good as playonlinux one (theirs with a special old wine version).

In a future update (most probably the one released next week), we will allow for mods to have multiple dependency options which means the quake extension packs will work with either Darkplaces or the Vulkan version.

They won’t be treated as different games since they are the same game running with a different engine but a future update will differentiate between multiple versions automatically (a bit later, not next week’s update, maybe in two weeks).

That’s very unlikely since Adobe Air for Linux has been discontinued. But we can still try to make a native version with the old Adobe Air for Linux. Can you submit the game to the Lutris database and create an installer for the native version. The installer does not have to be complete, just mention in the notes that you need help completing it, we’ll work something out from there.

Walk through, maybe, but currently there are plans to have a weekly video on Youtube and a weekly stream on Twitch (which would also end up on Youtube). The weekly Youtube video goal is just $19 away on Patreon :smiley: https://www.patreon.com/lutris

Have you tried the most recent Lutris installer? What kind of errors do you get if you launch Lutris from the command line. Battle.net is one of the things I’d really like to have a reliable installer for.

Currently there are 2 ways to have a working Steam browser: with old versions of Wine the Windows version has to be set to Windows XP and for Wine Staging 1.9.21 (the very latest, which is now the default version in Lutris) it also works with Windows 7 mode. Strangely, I didn’t get the browser showing up in Lutris with 1.9.21 staging but I did get it to work in external scripts. Maybe there’s an additional component needed to be installed. Once I find out what it is, I’ll add that to the Wine Steam installation.