Diablo 4 crash upon launch as of 1.0.3

After updating to 1.0.3, Diablo 4 always crashes on startup.

Pastebin of logs: Ubuntu Pastebin (see off-topic remarks at the end)

The same thing happened on my previous install of Nobara 37. I can still launch and play e.g. Starcraft Remastered just fine; just D4 seems to be affected.

Looking at Diablo 4’s logs, it seems some function from libxess is called, which ultimately calls smoethig from ntdll, which is where the program crashes. The hash of libxess.dll shipped with D4 matches that of the latest official release Release XeSS SDK 1.1.0 · intel/xess · GitHub

Off-topic: new users can only paste 3 links per post, so it’s impossible to paste separate links for the 3 mandatory logs. IMHO a slight change in site policy should be considered.

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I’ve also tried a clean install of the Battle.net launcher and several different versions of Proton-GE. The result is always the same.