Diablo 3, run TurboHud when running Diablo 3

Hey Guys,
TurboHud is a tool for diablo 3. On Windows youre just going to click the exe and TurboHud is reading out of the memory and building a new interface over the diablo interface for more informations.
So it couldnt be hard to run TurboHud and Diablo 3 and the same time.
Its like Rocket League and BakkesMod; but i dont get it work on diablo 3.
So, if i say “run exe inside wine prefix” it should start turbohud and create the overlay for diablo.
Im new to this, so dont judge me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe someone can help me

Thats the download for TurboHud,


You could try running lutris from a console and run the exe again.

lutris -d

Maybe you see in the output what is happening. Maybe the tool is built in .Net or something and required libraries aren’t present.