Diablo 3 autocast (num lock trick) not working over Lutris

Running Diablo 3 on Windows allows players to use the num lock trick (auto casting). The auto casting feature removes the need for players to spam buttons to repeat trigger spells. The best example of this is when the num lock trick is used with a Wizard’s Explosive Blast spell. The spell has a variable cool down between casts that is influenced by a character’s cool down reduction. Instead of spamming the button that fires the Explosive Blast spell, the num lock trick allows it to auto-fire as soon as the cool down ends, no matter the length of the cool down. Less clicking, less noise, and reduced chance of incurring a repetitive stress injury.

The num lock trick is demonstrated in the following youtube video:

How do I get the num lock trick to work in Diablo 3 over Lutris?

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