Diablo 2 install issues

None of the install scripts result in a playable game. Any help is appreciated.

The CD script installs the game completely but is not playable. The executable is not found at first, must be set manually. After that no errors are given the game just quits without displaying anything.

The Battlenet live download version never installs any files. Instead it downloads a file by this name “getLegacy?product=D2DV&locale=fr-FR&os=WIN.” Which is the same size of the downloader from Battle.net. Wine then says it cannot find the file “getLegacy?product=D2DV&locale=fr-FR&os=WIN” and errors out. Since Wine has stopped Lutris thinks the game has installed successfully.

The Battlenet version I really can’t do much with since I don’t have the files it’s looking for.

If you need more information let me know.

If you go into the installed page, you’ll see that the installer really tries to download a full thing https://lutris.net/games/install/3814/view called


If you click this link, you should download a diablo 2 installer .exe

The script simply downloads the installer and asks Lutris to install it. If you download that file and place it in your game folder, i.e.: ~/Games/diablo-ii, Lutris may install it. (I can’t test it by myself because I don’t own Diablo 2. Is it free nowadays to test?)

If everything goes wrong, you can try a manual installation.

WINEPREFIX=/name/of/the/folder/you/want/to/install WINEARCH=win32 wine diablo2installer.exe

Please change the names of the WINEPREFIX and of the exe according to the actual names of paths and files you want.

For the Lord of Destruction version you have to download an additional file http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/diablo2exp/patches/PC/LODPatch_114d.exe and execute it the same way

WINEPREFIX=/name/of/the/folder/you/want/to/install WINEARCH=win32 wine LODPatch_114d.exe

Also, you may be able to do all this process with the latest WINEHQ-staging 3.12. Please make sure you have it installed beforehand.

I’ve tried downloading the file manually but the script is looking for the messed up file name as I mentioned which wine doesn’t seem to like. also, it’s looking in ~/.cache/lutris/installer/diablo-ii for the file. I’ll try editing the script when I get some free time this week.

You can simply manually download, install it, then “manually add game” using Wine as runner and setting the path to diablo II.exe yourself. I think it’s the easiest way to get things going and also manage them through Lutris.

Install scripts are more necessary if you’re having trouble with dependencies like directx packages or specific environment variables. Or you have to do a specific sequence of commands…

Also, there might be a chance that version of wine (2.x staging) is too old, or that Lutris has simply changed the way it passes string arguments.

If you figure out how to solve the problem, you may also ask an update in the install script page ^^

I got it to work with a manual install using wine 3.11 i386 and specifying 32-bit

That’s great to know, you probably experience some problems with string arguments on Lutris. Probably worth filing a bug report.