Diablo 1 crashes constantly

Hy. I tried to install Classic Diablo on my

distro: Mint 19.1, cinnamon, up to date
graphics: nvidia gtx960
driver: 418.56-0ubuntu0-gpu18.04.1
wine: 4.5 (staging)

PC. I used the Lutris install script, i tried wine (system), i followed video instructions using playonlinux. After the install the game starts automaticaly, showing the blizzard and blizzard north logo, then the cinematic and then crashes. It’s not the well known “blackscreen issue”. I wish it was, since that is the point i want to get to. It simply crashes and i can not even close the window, i have to logoff user and login to regain control. Updating doesn’t change anything. I deleted all and started from scratch and now it won’t even play the cinematic, it crashes after the blizzard north logo. I was thinking of a faulty disk but i have the exact same issue using a downloaded ISO, also it works fine on my wifes windows 10 PC.

Any help would be great.
Thx tom

Hi @Tom1986, Were you able to fix your issue?