DesingSpark Mechanical

Dear friends of Linux and Lutris. For some time now I have been using a free CAD/CAM design license application under Windows that I really like.

DesingSpark Mechanical

The fact is that I have tried to install it under WINE and the installation gives me problems (it asks for the .NET4 and .NET4.6 in a loop and does not let it advance).

I come to you in case someone in your great wisdom could create a script for lutris.

It would be great.

Thank you very much for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Lutris is a game manager for Linux. Its purpose is to run video games. Notice that you wont find here any scripts for installing productivity apps, like MS Office for instance.

PlayOnLinux on the other hand is used for both games and other kind of apps. Is not as complete for installing and running games as Lutris is, but on the other hand, it does support running productivity apps. You could try to ask for a script on their forums.

You could also ask for help on the wine forums.

Putting that aside, when you tried to install it with wine, did you tried to use winetricks to install .NET4?

Does Autodesk Fusion 360 fall into the Gaming or Productivity category?

It seemed to me that a program like lutris was useful for more than just games. That’s why I’ve asked for your help.
Just as some genius created the script for Fusion 360 it would be great if someone created a script for DesignSpark as it is free to use software. I would do it myself but unfortunately I don’t have the necessary knowledge or time.

I hope you consider one of these two options according to the suggested events:

a) Only allow games as you stated and delete Fusion360 scripts.

b) Be consistent with the facts and allow DesignSpark.

Thank you.

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a productivity app, and certainly it shouldn’t be there. But, I’m a script creator, not an admin.

It seemed to me that a program like lutris was useful for more than just games.

But, why you believed that? Lutris describes itself as “Open Gaming Platform”, and the homepage says “Play all your games on Linux”. And there is nothing in the description that implies it also has the purpose of running non-game apps.

Of course, Lutris just uses Wine to run windows games, and therefore it is also able to run productivity apps, even if that is not its scope.

But there are other tools that do have in their scope running productivity apps. Wouldn’t be better to try to run them there instead?

Dear chrll.

How do you say. It is not up to you as a script writer, or me as a claimant to assess whether a program should or should not be listed in the Lutris database. That responsibility falls on the administrators. Therefore, it is something that should not be discussed in this post.

Having said that. I want to ask. Would you be able and would you have the time to make this free license software work on linux using platforms like WINE, Lutris, PlayOnLinux or any other?

If so, it would make many people like me happy who just want to use our favorite operating system every day.

Thanks a lot.