Debian9 Nvidia LoL

This is first time i try to install a game in Linux, usually i use it to work, and people told me to use Lutris.
Well, i’m trying to install League of Legends on my Debian 9 with Nvidia driver installed, but when the installation is over it give me this error message: “Game executable not found in /Leagueclient.exe” and obviously game isn’t installed.

Nvidia 950M
ii fonts-wine 1.8.7-2 all
ii libwine:amd64 1.8.7-2 amd64
ii libwine:i386 1.8.7-2 i386
ii wine 1.8.7-2 all
ii wine32:i386 1.8.7-2 i386
ii wine64 1.8.7-2 amd64
ii winetricks 0.0+20170101-1 all
ii lutris 0.4.23 amd64

Can someone help me? I’ve no idea what i’m missing…

Sorry for my bad english.

Thank you.