Dawn of War II - black screen


I try to install Dawn of War II retribution but the windows version through Lutris.
The native version work fine, but you can only play multiplayer with people on Linux, and as you can imagine there is no one online.

I have configure Wine Steam with dxvk 0.81 and staging 3.17.
The game start fine, I have sound, but the screen stay black.
Once the game loaded I can hear when I go over the menu, but it’s hard to do anything with a black screen :smiley:

Do someone have some idea about this issue ?
Maybe playing with dxvk or wine ?

I have try to play State of Decay with lutris and I have terrible performance, but he run fine on Steam Play.
Maybe that the graphic drivers are not correctly used / recognized with Lutris ?
I have no problem with games on Steam Play but on Lutris State of Decay have performance issue, Dawn of War II have black screen…

How can I check / configure the graphic drivers on wine steam with Lutris ? This is probably my main problem here.