Dauntless doesn't install

I was trying to install Dauntless, using the most up to date (the “nice”) installer (https://lutris.net/games/dauntless/). Sadly it didn’t work. I checked the installer code and it seems it successfully installed vcrun2015 and .NET framework, but after it started the DauntlessSetup.exe, it claimed that none of those are installed. The “install” button opened up an installer which hung (-ish, still pushed a single frame every couple of seconds) almost instantly. From there on nothing happened, so I killed it after 10 minutes or so. Clicking cancel on the missing components screen of dauntless setup just deletes the whole folder on disk.
The log of the whole process can be found over here: https://pastebin.com/SW1Ks2aG

I believe the author of the script is @Echoa, maybe you can help?