Dark souls 3 Framerate Issues

Running the steam play version.

Every time I die or warp my frame rate drops drastically, and this keeps happening everytime I die it gets worse. This is for the steam play version. Before I die it works beautifully…but this is dark souls so…Ima die a lot XD

The steam wine version has no such issue with the frame rate isa lil bit lower no probs there. But instead textures glitch out so much that I cannot play at all.

I have tried to fix the steam play version, by:

changing proton version
disabling esync
messing around with all the in game settings
I have looked around on the internet many people seem to have this issue but no one can fix it. However it has been confirmed not to be a driver issue.

my specs:
i3 dual core something or other

Nvidia GTX 660 Geforce Graphics Card


Plenty of disk space

Edit: I have fixed these problems now. No clue how just sorted itself out tho XD Ahh well, such is the life of a Linux user.