Dark Age of Camelot

I’m fairly new to Linux and Lutris. Added a new game for ‘Dark Age of Camelot’. This is an old MMORPG, that is now free for the first few days to play. Don’t know how to write the launcher myself.

If this post belongs in a different place, let me know.

Anyone else want to take a crack at writing a launcher for this? I can’t get it working.

These are the instructions I found for getting it working without Lutris. Note the very last post about the Wine C structure, this one is important as it never connects.


Someone submitted an installer for the Phoenix freeshard a week ago, and it does seem to set up the DAoC laucher/patcher properly, but the Phoenix launcher fails to run (for me). It also seems their script extracts the Phoenix zip into the wrong folder (I have submitted some changes to try and fix this). Can anyone else test? I think GNOME doesn’t sit well with the window that Phoenix is creating and just closes it before I can test.

OS: Ubuntu 18.04 bionic
Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.18.0-13-generic
Resolution: 1920x1080
WM Theme: Pop
GTK Theme: Pop [GTK2/3]

EDIT: Installed DAoC using PoL now, Phoenix runs great even with GNOME. Must be an issue with how the setup script is configuring Lutris. Using 64-bit WINE 3.20 and the d3dx9_43 library. If you encounter the game randomly closing while minimized, switch to Windowed / Fullscreen Windowed in the options menu, and change the Sleep option from Background to Never.