D2R: Failed to initialize graphics device


I saw theres an old post on this, but their solution did not yield any results on my end.

I am on a dell with a

00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 620 (rev 07)

When I try to run the game I get the: “Failed to initialize graphics device…” error, and it crashes the application.

Here are the log and issue report.

I am not a linux expert but I am usually good at bashing my head on the keyboard until I fix the issue. Having said that, I could use some help here. Thank you.

regarding that old post, you might try to pick different card to emulate or use some new driver version.

But in my opinion as you have 8 years old iGPU not intended for games, D2R might actually request some feature which your GPU does not support. Link to your log does not work, it might have some details regarding this.

hm. thats awkward, it was supposed to host the file for a year.

This one should hold for a week;

I honestly have no idea if this card shld work or not :confused:

Problem seems to be here:

317.688:0648:064c:err:vkd3d-proton:vkd3d_instance_init: Vulkan 1.3 not supported by loader.

From what I have briefly searched regarding this message, it may be caused by older OS (typicaly LTS versions) which does not have support vulkan 1.3 yet.