Cyberpunk new Bug with Patch 1.5

I didn’t found the comments in the Game-Page it self (are they gone?) so i wanted to Post here to inform everyone about the Problem and the easy but unintuitive fix.
Since the patch 1.5 the Game seem to have a Problem with accessing Audiodrivers in Linux and Windows, CDPR said they looking into it.
The Fix is to have a different Sound running so CP2077 doesn’t have the start the Audiodriver it self. Just have a Youtube Video or so in the Background is already enough. I hope this helps for some who are as confused about this as i was.


Hey @Mojojojo , thanks for your input. I automated my launch using espeak (a voice synthetizer), for this I created a small script that says the word “Launching” and added it to the Pre-Launch Script. This will enable the game to run without issues.


That sounds like it’s possibly running afoul of the stupid way that systemd handles pulseaudio, starting the daemon on demand through a socket. That’s why having your audio system already initialized on game launch fixes the audio.

I noticed something similar. Back when I was troubleshooting audio cracking in Cyberpunk 2077 (which turned out to be an upstream wine problem with threading… fixed now) the Lutris setting to restart pulseaudio was causing that for me. I’d have no audio on the first launch of the game, so I’d quit and restart it (still with the restart pulseaudio box checked in Lutris) and the audio would work after that.

I didn’t even know there was a new patch since 1.31. I have the GoG version of the game (installed with the standalone “backup” installers, not their Galaxy client) so I’m done patching my game. There’s nothing I need “fixed” at this point. After that AVX fiasco that broke my game, they can hoop their updates.

It has nothing to do with systemd nor pulseaudio or pipewire as the same thing tends to happen on windows and the same fix… having audio playing allows the game to start

“Hotfix 1.5” should fix that problem introduced in Patch 1.5

I patched mine one last time, and it was worthwhile. With a few minor visual annoyances fixed, even. With current Lutris runners and vkd3d 2.6 (and current Mesa and stuff at the back end) I don’t think it could be better on my hardware now.