Cyberpunk launcher language

good evening.
I installed cyberpunk 2077 (gog) on my linux debian sid machine (unstable) with lutris and wine .
the game works perfectly.
despite everything, the language of the dialogues remains stubbornly in english.
I succeeded in making the interface and the subtitles French but not the dialogues.
I think that the error comes from the windows installer which launches very quickly as soon as the download of the files is finished.
I would have liked to have access to it and to configure it in French but it is currently impossible.
The automation of the installation procedure is much too fast.
Would it be possible to rectify this behavior?
or to explain me how to access the installer settings?
in order to make it French ?
if you have an idea, an advice, an opinion, a solution?
I look forward to hearing from you,
alain .

Hello to all.
I would like to apologize for posting probably a little late yesterday.
I hope that today, I will not post too early.

here is, in complement, the installation of cyberpunk under windows 11 is also very well.
and, this time, I can french the dialogues.
this is impossible under linux (lutris - wine).
I don’t know where the error comes from.
I think the lutris / windows installer.
I know that for some games I played on your platform, it was possible to add the language choice at installation.
but they were much smaller.
and much older.
I do not know, in fine, where the error comes from?
lutris installer or windiows installer ?
how to delay the activation of the windows installer?
or cancel the automation?
How can I get access to it and adjust it (eventually), as it should be?

Looking forward to reading you,
and a solution.
(dany wilde) .

Hi, I had a look and it seems the offline installer is not to flexible regarding the language. If you have a working installation you can copy the worling audio files into the linux folder. That is the only solution I can think of at the moment.

A lot of people are complaining about this but I have only see a few solutions.

yes , i agree .
i think i’ve just found the same solution you told me .
i’ve found the french language file and copied it to the right directory .
since my method isn’t fully legal , i can’t say more .

you have to find the french language file and to put it into the “archive” folder .
I let you choose the method to find the language file.

you can close this thread .

I am surprised that lutris does not download all the language files.
only the english language, it’s surprising.

It’s not a lutris issue, it is a GOG/CD PROJECT red issue.

I installed the game today (GOG [wine] version) with lutris and I could choose the language in the installation dialog (gog installler) . Just go to details, where you also can change the install location.