Cyberpunk 2077 -- Wine lutris-6.0 vs Windows 10

My status: Newbie. Spent ages just getting a WinTV HVR-2200 card to work in Manjaro.
PC specs: CPU Intel i7-5960X, GPU Nvidia RTX 3080, RAM 16GB 2.8GHz, Kernel 5.11.14-1-MANJARO, Nvdia driver 460.67.

Cyberpunk 2077: Installed from within GOG Galaxy which I installed from Lutris.
Optimisations: Fsync, Feral Gamemode
Winetricks installed.
Wine version: lutris-6.0-x86_64
DXVK version: v1.7.3L-03f11ba
The game doesn’t run with more recent Wine/DXVK versions on my setup.

I disabled ray-tracing and DLSS in Windows 10 to exactly match the graphics capabilities of Wine. The game is running at 2560x1440, but the performance difference is 56 fps vs 40 fps (in Wine) which is substantial. Are there more Lutris/wine settings I can use to up the performance?

u could change your kernel to xanmod but at this point i think it s wine the bottleneck

That’s not bad fps difference. Sure I’ve seen games about identical and other times faster on Wine. But, not bad considering its not officially supported on Linux! :wink: