Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.3 AVX crept in again

If anyone with an older CPU finds that Cyberpunk 2077 crashes on the load screen now, don’t waste time trying different wine runners… it’s AVX instructions that crept in again. Find something like this in the output (e.g. start lutris with -d). There’s a lot more in the back trace, but it’s pointless to post a register dump in this circumstance.

wine: Unhandled illegal instruction at address 0000000141C7A1B1 (thread 0134), starting debugger…
Unhandled exception: illegal instruction in 64-bit code (0x0000000141c7a1b1).
Register dump:

I have an older Corei7 that is just fine and I’m not upgrading it just because of inconsiderate assholes using gimmicky Intel instructions without doing CPU detection.

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There’s a fix for this here:

It involves using a hex editor on Cyberpunk2077.exe to search for strings and replace them. He notes one of them as having to be changed in 3 places, but there are others that exist in 2 places that he didn’t note (and yes they are the instruction, not just random matches).

If anyone wanting to attempt this is unfamiliar with a hex editor, no, you don’t put the “h” in the string “90909090909090h”, you replace the bits with 90. The h is just to denote (to you) that it’s hexadecimal notation.

It did not take me very long, and now my game loads again (program still runs, game loads and worked OK for several minutes before I quit).

I am using lutris-6.14-3 and DXVK v1.9.1L and it’s working pretty well.