Cyberpunk 2077 crashes while installation,


by installing the 1.6 Version of CP2077, I have the problem, that the installation stops with “Errorcode 1280” . It stops allways at the same point with 34,5gb installaed.

I tried Lutris 5.10 an now the newer 5.11.

Has anybody an idea? Do you need more details?

Greatings, thk_ms

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Is it a steam version of the cyberpunk 77? if so try installing it via steam using proton.

Paste here contents of the log file (right click the game and click “show logs”).


no, it’s a gog-version. can I get there a deeper log too?

Greatings, thk_ms

i have a similar issue, the installer just stops on downloading bins 18,19,20 as it downloads them backwords with a not enough room on volume error…
which is false since i still have 2TBs of room on that disk.

please fix this, thanks.

i was able to bypass my issue by downloading those 3 bin files directly from the gog site, not sure if this will be usefull to you, but it might be possible to do a full install by downloading the bins and exe file yourself and letting lutris install them…
not sure it will work with wine though.

try some different things to see if you can find a workaround or bypass, also make sure to not use the flatpack version, it seems to be extremely unstable and crashes constantly.

also, you will not be able to find out if you have mono installed (and you apparently cannot install it) until you use the regular version of lutris (not the flatpak) and install a game/program that requires the use of mono…

i hope this will help anyone having to deal with this type annoyance as well.