Current stance on DLCs & guidelines in general

What’s the current way for dealing with existence of DLCs in Lutris?

IIRC, last time I checked it was “Let’s register each DLC as a separate game and link them to the original game page”. Now, I can’t seem to find any info on that. Am I just supposed to install them by hand? That seems counterintuitive, especially as GOG game installers are now forcibly downloaded without offering local file option.

Or rather, weren’t there some guidelines on adding games/installers? What happened to them?
There’s a few immediate recommendations on the game adding page, but they don’t cover much, and there’s none on the game edit screen (even though it’s essentially the same input form). And the game installer form only seems to provide technical information on it.
There’s also FAQ and wiki, of course, but the former only has general user information, and the latter only covers common technical issues (from what I could see).

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