CSMT/STAGING/Performance Issues

“im from POL” just for say why i know the issue.

Lutris is a good project but the performance are very worse of wine/pol -staging, also enabling csmt/staging the performance are not comparable…and im not speaking vs windows native but vs official wine/pol.

So im quitting using lutris, because we all know that games windows native do less fps on wine and so is impossible play on the even worse performances of lutris.

When this will be fixed i will return, for now i can oly do some testing playing the same games on bot pol/lutris and see the performance difference.

Thanks and good work.

Do you have anything to back this up?

You haven’t named one single game or given any framerate benchmark so there’s not really anything I can do about your claim. I’ve used wine with and without Lutris, performance was always similar.

I tried League of Legends and World Of Tanks, in the second game i maded in the past so much tests wine vs windows that i know at memory the fps value of my pc but with Lutris i get the 50% (on pol i got a medium of 90fps, but on lutris i get 40 or less) or less also with CSMT/staging active and the game freeze too after few seconds.

Then it would be caused by differences between the Lutris installer and PoL installer, not Lutris itself…

The default installer for LoL used the OpenGL renderer which might have different performance than the DirectX renderer. I also published an installer for the DirectX renderer as well, didn’t try it, I don’t play LoL.

I remember having played World of Tanks once, didn’t notice any particular issue.

You’re basically judging the quality of the platform on 2 games which might have been set up differently than what you’ve experienced in the past. As far as I’m concerned, there is absolutely no performance hit caused by Lutris itself. It’s up to the community to provide the best installers for games, submissions are open to any registered user.

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I would like to say that my experience is that from using stock Wine, Crossover, PoL, and Lutris, that aside from things that are specifically different with Crossover, that I have seen zero difference. Now, what I think could make or break a game would be the scripts used to automate things. But considering that the wine team has really gotten things in a great spot, where most titles can just work without any extras, that should be a rare thing – ie, new games or new major patches.

Recently I have had the luxury of converting a few Windows only dudes to being dual booters (shall see if they go full time linux). I have had the “fun” of dealing with people who wish to drop the cash on Crossover and those that wont. Frankly I haven’t seen any difference in performance or quality from either other than CX is alot easier to get going if its supposed to be fully working (Overwatch for example is not, and still is sorta a PITA, regardless) and that that purchase gets me a line to wine devs.


Just want to mention, that is can compare about 40 games from PoL with Lutris, And there is no FPS-drop. It´s all about the configuration.

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I just migrated from POL because the installer for battle.net and WoW worked out of the box. I was a long time POL user with some experience and I did not manage to get the game working again since some blizzard patch in jan/feb. Before that patch it worked under POL but with abysmal frame rates. The installer script in POL was outdated and consequently garbage.
I know this is not the fault of POL developers but a consequence of almost no documentation, outdated scripts and a almost nonexistent community.

With Lutris the framerate increased significantly, the game is playable again - actually, the framerates are better than under Win7. Which they should be because wine has become that good.

So, as a result: documentations, script quality and community are the deciding factors. Keep up the good work and invest in those (not money obviously, but praise and encouragement).

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