Critic cpu temperature

hey guys I am fairly new to linux & lutris.
When I start lutris to play Leauge of Legends my cpu skyrockes to 70 - 80 celcius, when i play for an hour the temperature goes to 90 and up.
never had any temp issues on windows with my hardware so I’m not sure where to start from here

cpu: i7 4770k
gpu: 1060 gtx 6gb
mainboard: asus z97p
cou does have a good cooling system (air) not sure how its named

also I dont know if thats a game, lutris or Ubuntu problem overall.

hope someone can help me

her the file created from lutris-d:

thanks in advance

“Vulkan is not available or your system isn’t Vulkan capable”

Have you installed the Vulkan libraries for NVIDIA?

sudo apt install libvulkan1 libvulkan1:i386

For fan control take a look at: