Crimson Skies on Wine

I am trying to run Crimson Skies using Wine but I can not make it open the main menu without CTD. Since most of the tutorials recommend usingdgVoodoo 2 I tried to implement an install script for the game based on the Midtown Madness 2 install script which also use this tool:

name: Crimson Skies
game_slug: crimson-skies
version: Installer
slug: crimson-skies-installer
runner: wine

  - installer: N/A:Select the game's setup file
  - csfix:
  - dgvoodoo:
    arch: win32
    exe: drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Crimson Skies/crimson.exe 
    prefix: $GAMEDIR
  - task:
      arch: win32
      name: create_prefix
      prefix: $GAMEDIR
  - task:
      app: icodecs directmusic
      arch: win32
      name: winetricks
      prefix: $GAMEDIR
  - task:
      executable: installer
      name: wineexec
      prefix: $GAMEDIR
  - extract:
      dst: $CACHE/csfix
      file: csfix
  - extract:
      dst: $CACHE/dgvoodoo
      file: dgvoodoo
  - merge:
      src: $CACHE/csfix
      dst: $GAMEDIR/drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Crimson Skies/
  - merge:
      src: $CACHE/dgvoodoo
      dst: $GAMEDIR/drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Crimson Skies/
  - merge:
      src: $CACHE/dgvoodoo/MS
      dst: $GAMEDIR/drive_c/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Crimson Skies/
    Desktop: true
    dxvk: true
      ddraw: native

As explained above this leads to a CTD while starting the game for the first time. Also tried to only use csfix (which is required anyway for the no-CD patch) and it leads to the same issue.

Has anyone succeed to run this game on Wine?

I finally managed to run the game using csfix and software rendering under Wine lutris-6.0 with the following csfix.ini:

File content

;Set to 1 to use a 32 bit render target, to solve issues with broken dithering
;Corrupts the intro screen, and causes a couple of artifacts on menus

;Set to 1 to force a specific screen resolution
;Menu's don't look as good, but it removes screen transitions and lets you use non 4:3 resolutions
;Warning: Has a tendency to induce mild epilepsy on the briefing screens

;Disable usage of the high performance counter
;Fixes the crash on startup on some newer cpu's, can also be fixed by running in win95 compatibility mode

;Force NONPOW2CONDITIONAL texture caps
;Fixes blocky text on menus, and in game crashes when text is displayed

;Forces the use of a single processor core
;Fixes threading issues on multi-core processors

I did not need to install any Windows DLL with Winetricks, the game works smoothly out of the box. On the other hand the game is unusable using hardware rendering. The game asks you which renderer to use at startup, do not tick the “Remember my choice” box.

Otherwise I have not been able to make the game detect my Xbox 360 controller.