Create something like FAQ section on the site covering basic Lutris questions


During the existence of this forum it has accumulated a sufficiently large number of questions and answers to them. Often enough I see the questions that have long been answered. Why do not we create a special section on the site, which will answer the most pressing questions?

I fully agree. I have been asking for this to Strider for a year now. But he has been busy the past year. He seems to have some time now to do stuff.

In the mean time I started using the Github Wiki to put in my “answers” to Blizzard games I make installers for. Seems to have seriously reduced the number of questions I get on Discord.

My suggestion would be this: LutrisWiki

And then the option of adding links to the Wiki on each gamepage. With an “autolink” to a predefined name based on the game name. I think a wiki is better then a section on each game page. This will make the game pages “cleaner” since we are now adding a lot of extra stuff to each installer, which would end up on the wiki. And we then just have to add notes for specific stuff for that installer.

The ultimate goal would be make this LutrisWiki the go to place for Linux Gaming. (Just like ArchWiki is the go to place for Linux question in general).


Excellent idea! But I thought of something a bit smaller, like pinned post with frequent questions, so new users can find answers faster and easier. Something like temporary measure. :grin: