Could there be a "wine Epic Games" runner like the "wine steam" one

I’m asking as while there is are scripts that install entries and the needed winetricks options for individual games, and a script that installs just the Epic Games Store itself, there is nothing that creates entries by searching an already installed Epic Games Launcher for installed games.

It seems like this shouldn’t be a difficult thing to create. The Epic Games Launcher stores it’s installed game locations, game names and “.exe” locations in text files at (wineprefix)/drive_c/ProgramData/Epic/EpicGamesLauncher/Data/Manifests. A script could easily parse this and create the entries.

If someone can post me to a relevant guide I’d be happy to create the relevant scripts/entries myself.

Scanning for games can be provided as long as there is parsable data, as you say.

However - you’re more on the path to writing a runner for Epic Store stuff, rather than an installer. It’s currently just a WINE runner.

I don’t use Epic much outside of Phoenix Point (which is a good test as DRM free), but as a starter for 10, look at the following to see how the winesteam runner parses installed content : -