Could the creator of a script be able to delete the script he made?

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if you want a script deleted for whatever reason, create an issue on it and the admins will decide what to do.

ok thank (;

I would also recomment to leave it in the moderators hands. I’m Co-Moderator in a huge hobbyforum. We had people who had a personal fight with a moderator and deleted every post they could just to do damage.

This would have hell more impact here…

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Exactly, Cronyk

And I’d like to move away from the current way of managing installer ownership and moderation.
Currently, only the submitter and the admins can modify a script. If other users want to modify a script, they first have to fork it and create another installer. If this is a fix for the first installer, then the first one needs to be deleted.

The first change, I want to make is being able to mark as a work in progress so it doesn’t get send to moderation when it isn’t completed.

The second change would be to allow anyone to modify a given script. The changes would be saved as revisions of a scripts and once completed they would have to go through moderation again (even when coming from the initial submitter).

Thanks for the reply, now i know why… :grin:

This two points seem to be really useful.