Could not find sims directory error

I’m trying to install the Sims original and I downloaded the sims.exe from the link suggested here:

but during the installation process, I get a fatal error - Couldn’t find the Sims data directory
then, I get an error 65280

any suggestions?

hello, im having the exact same issue with the same game. any luck? thank you

Hi, you can try following the built in game installation procedure.

  1. Make sure you got latest version of lutris
  2. Open lutris and click plus icon that is located in top-left corner
  3. Select first option to search for games on lutris
  4. Find Sims 4 and choose one of installation procedures. I recommend using methods that have “wine” prefix, like “EA App”
  5. Follow installation procedure, if you have chosen the EA App method then you will have to find sims 4 in the EA app after you launch it and install game from there

Hope it helps, let me know if you have any questions!

I had the same problem. Happens if you choose any of the installer’s languages that’s not English.
How I solved it: in the game options, change the working directory from …/Maxis/The Sims/ to …/MAXIS/The Sims/
Just make sure it points to the same folder as the executable.