Controller/Gamepad supported games


Is there any list anywhere of games that have controller or gamepad support? I tried searching but didn’t find anything on the site, forums, or wiki. To be clear, I’m not interested in emulated games, because of the legal/moral issues around emulation.

Alternatively, if you know any games that support controller/gamepad support, please reply here with the names and we can use this as a temporary list for now.

(This is for a Linux micro-console project I’m working on. I’d like to bootstrap it with a list of games that work, instead of having to make a bunch of games myself that have controller support.)

Edit: While this is still useful for others, it isn’t for me; my device has very limited storage (and very, very slow storage I/O speeds) so I have to resort to browser games; and Flash doesn’t support gamepads, so I have to Roll My Own. Thanks though. (Feel free to still use this as a starting point to keep track of Linux games with controller support.)

I have started such a list in the github wiki here:

It’s only for Wine games because that’s where it can get tricky, for Linux games it’s up to the game itself to offer controller support.

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I have all of my games working with gamepad support using Anti-Micro

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mdeguzis/libregeek
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install antimicro

If you do not want to use another program to get gamepad support you can filter the following platforms that currently support Linux by their own tag system

Humble Bundle does not seem to have a tag support system for controllers last time I checked but all of the SNK games have controller support along with Dust Force and ‘Thomas Was Alone’

My HTPCs have over 2000+ games all with gamepad support and the rest that do not I have created profiles that I can switch to with the middle controller start button.

Also - Emulation Station is a great tool to use for you to make a menu and GUI system for your games. You DO NOT have to use emulation or ROMs with it. You can create scripts to launch the games you own from any company and it will have controller support through Emulation Station. I use this for a few low end systems in my base as if it was a retropie like program.


Nice app, would be nice to have an option to load a joy mapping based on lutris app name (if we make such mapping file). Is this possible in the future of Lutris @strider? Cheers

Hi there can you post an example of using scripts in emulationstation please?. I struggled with controllers I managed to emulate my wireless ps3 pad as a xbox 360. But boy it was a mission and I hacked my way around x360ce.exe. I don’t even know how I achieved what I have it just works.

The plan in the long term is to have something similar to the SC Controller UI but for any controller, with multiple backends for different runners (x360ce, retroarch, dolphin, xboxdrv, …)

I have yet to figure out if this is even possible. This probably requires some low-level code somewhere, maybe in some kernel module.


Emulation Station does not need scripts to handle controllers. I wrote scripts to read games as per the FAQ. For example - For the NeoGeo 25th Anniversary Collection offered by Humble Bundle - You can either take the roms files out and put them into MAME or run as is for Linux.

I made a script to call the games up into their own Humble Bundle List within Emulation Station instead of using them with MAME (I preferred the button layouts the wrappers the game came in to run the games).

I don’t own any XBOX controllers to test but try AntiMicro to see if that can help you.

Isn’t there some method of using “the Unix way” and reusing something like AntiMicro as the default tool for the job and just adding a field to the games database for setting it when a game is launched? Or does AntiMicro not understand some controllers?

Above in a post I had on my mind this (field in lutris to use antimicro). Just need to make a profile with the same name as game name, if profile available lutris can run antimicro for specific game. Any way Lutris make a great job already. Cheers.

With Ryochan7 having stopped the development of Antimicro, it’s very unlikely we’ll ever provide official support for it in the future.
My hope is I can make SC-Controller work as a generic tool and not something specific to Steam controllers, which would then be included in Lutris (or provided as a standalone tool as well)

Oh I didn’t realise it had been abandoned.

The following lists are probably incomplete. (this can look like the game it doesn’t support a controller but does)