Conquer Online - Need help getting the game to work properly

So no one has tried this (as far as I can tell as I just added the site entry for it). I’m loving linux over windows by far but this game is a must have for me as I’m part of a group of people that play it and have been playing it for quite awhile. The errors I get are two.

First, the game is stuck at 800x600 anything over that is just a graphical bug. So say I stretch it to full screen the game will still be an 800x600 output on the top left, however, it will act as if the resolution is that of 1080 or whatever i stretch it to as in the buttons/clicks will be located in that area where i click.

Second, one skill in particular doesn’t work at all for the class this is the WindWalker Chaser Cloud (it’s basically a turret you put down). The skill goes on cool down if I use it (my client thinks I used it), but in reality it does nothing no one can see anything nor can I.

Here’s the Lutris debugging output when adding the game: DEBUG 2018-10-04 23:34:38,181 [config]:Saving config LutrisConfig(level=game, game_config_id=conquer-online-1538710478, runner=wine)

Here’s the output of the game itself:

Thanks much!

Ps. I tried gallium nine and that seemed to fix the screen resolution problem, however, it would either freeze or close after ~1 minute of being logged into the game. The Wind Walker skill still didn’t work though.

Edit: My System info: