Connected Steam but it shows No Steam Account found

I just started using Lutris. I’m on Ubuntu 24.04 and installed Lutris through the .deb installer from the github source repo.

I created a Lutris login. Then I connected steam through the website (after setting my profile and games to PUBLIC). Everything looked like it connected successfully. There is a link where I can check my profile and one to disconnect my steam account.

In the Lutris app on Ubuntu, I was able to authenticate to However, under Steam accounts it says No Steam account found

How can I fix this? I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting the steam account in and that didn’t help.

As a side note, I was able to install D4 and authenticate to Gog source. So things are working, just not sure why my steam profile isn’t coming through.

In sources on the left hand pane in lutris, did you connect to Steam here? Did you disable Show installed games only?

I did disable “show installed games only.”

I saw the option to add Linux Steam to the left panel and the button to add “windows steam”. Do you have to enable and sign in on both of those to get Lutris to sync? I was guessing that signing in and connecting to steam on your profile would do that work. (Sorry, very new to this) Thank you for your help!