Configure flatpak mangohud (lutris flatpak version)

Hello, I know this is lutris forum but many of you maybe know how to help.

How can I configure mangohud (flatpak version) runtime/org.freedesktop.Platform.VulkanLayer.MangoHud/x86_64/22.08

it works with lutris (flatpak version) but want to configure and where should be mangohud.conf file (where should be created)
I’m on debian 12 cinnamon and looks like is installed in this folder /var/lib/flatpak/runtime/org.freedesktop.Platform.VulkanLayer.MangoHud but I found there just mangohud.conf.example

I have also 5.13 .deb version installed with system mangohud + Goverlay but looks like is not works with all games. Flatpak version works with everything especially with old games.
too bad flatpak doesn’t have goverlay for mangohud

I was recently playing with MangoHud (the regular version as I prefer to avoid non-standard installs like is the case with Flatpak etc since they are more closed off from the system and one is probably more likely to experience issues in my estimations) and the MangoHud version in the repository (‘apt install mangohud’) is a bit older (v0.6.5-2) and while it worked on RDR2 which is Vulkan, another game I have, Mafia: Definitive Edition, which uses DXVK, did not work. so I uninstalled the MangoHud in the repository.

but simply using the newest MangoHud version available solved it (now it works on both of those games I tested under Lutris v0.5.13). you can get the newest MangoHud version from here… Releases · flightlessmango/MangoHud · GitHub ; I am currently using “MangoHud-”. you just extract that, which will create a ‘MangoHud’ directory, then you want to be in that folder from the terminal and then simply issue… “./ install” (without the ") from terminal to install it (to remove it… “./ uninstall” (without the ")). (see below on how to use this in Lutris)

but where you put the ‘MangoHud.conf’ file is shown after you install that in the terminal window as it will show you the following which basically tells you what to do…

“You can use the example configuration file from
as a starting point by copying it to

so I just copied the ‘example’ file to the “.config” location shown there and renamed it from ‘MangoHud.conf.example’ to ‘MangoHud.conf’. then you can open that file and simply remove the “#” in front of whatever feature you want to enable.

but to enable the MangoHud in Lutris you simply setup a ‘environment variable’ (under… ‘right click game shortcut in Lutris > Configure > System options’) with ‘key’ as ‘MANGOHUD’ and ‘value’ set to ‘1’ (without the ') and then simply start your game. by default it will display it similar to the following for example…

GPU 98%
CPU 80%
VULKAN 35fps 16.7ms
Frametime min: 15.2ms, max: 34.0ms

but after removing the “#” before any feature you want to enable (in the ‘MangoHud.conf’ file) one can monitor GPU temp etc as just by reading it you can pretty much figure out what does what for the most part.

so while my post here does not pertain directly to your Flatpak question it’s good information for those using ‘standard installs’ with Lutris etc to get MangoHud working.