Compare one Wine-Version with another

Hi there,

In terms of performance, how can we actually compare different things with eachother. Just like a PBA Patched Wine with DXVK?
I just want to know, in which circumstanced one is in favour of the other. If I only have my feeling, I may be mistaken.


Hello, fladie. In general, old, 32-bit games benefit from PBA patches. Newer DX11 based games benefit more from DXVK.

If you want to go more in-depth about these, it’s better to check Wine’s APPDB or look up Youtube videos or forum posts (reddit?) about gaming on Wine.

The concept of “optimal wine version” is kinda hard to get into, because there are a lot of system variations, as well as game engines and compatibility issues to be solves.


The concepts are different. And I cann expand this even further. You could pick a steam proton install there to or wine with different settings.

The main thing Iḿ looking for is something to track my fps, frametimes and so on to compare, what was exaclty better for a certain game.
Not every game has a benchmark build in. There are many “fps comparison videos” on Youtube. But does there effort count for me in every circumstances?

You could, yes, dive into the infinite world or benchmarking, but I wouldn’t recommend it. If a game plays as smooth as you want, just play it.

If you feel like you’re lagging behind something, look into some workaround or wine version and use that one.

DXVK has the built-in function of letting you put an environment variable like DXVK_HUD=1 or DXVK_HUD=frametime and get you information about the game running with DXVK.

As far as I know, Wine doesn’t have that function built-in. I don’t know any auxilary software that gets those parameters AND is compatible with Wine.

If you’re using Steam, Steam Overlay has a builtin fps counter, activatable on preferences.