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Common Ubisoft Connect Launcher between several Ubisoft games

I have several Assassin’s Creed Games and most of them work quite well on Linux and I wish the experience was slightly pleasant. The current Lutris scripts for almost all Assassin’s Creed games have the UPlay launcher installation as the first step. The problem with this is that if I have more than 1 Ubisoft game installed, the next ones have a duplicate Ubisoft Connect launcher installation which means I have to login for each game separately. I was wondering if we could have a common Ubisoft Connect launcher location shared between all such Ubisoft games - where the install script could detect the common location or ask the user to browse the location of already installed launcher. I know it could be possible to pull this off but due to my limited knowledge I’m unable to proceed with this. Any help would be appreciated on this. Please feel free to share thoughts on this topic, very interested to see what others think about this.