Command to exec before running the program

I wonder if there is some option in Lutris similar to POL’s “Command to exec before running the program”? I used to use this feature to run some games with LC_ALL=ru_RU.UTF-8 for using cyrillic symbols ingame. Running games with Lutris i’ve got question marks instead of cyrillic letters since I need my system locale to be En_en.

You can set that as environment variable in the system settings for the game / for all the runner / for all games in Lutris.

Thanks for reply! Could you be more specific please? what should i use for the ‘key’ and for the ‘value’? when i try to use something like: key ‘LC_ALL’ and value ‘ru_RU.UTF-8’ there’s nothing change in terms of ability to type cyrillic symbols but game on start is changing my desktop resoluition to a smaller… Deleting of this key doesn’t help so i had to reinstall the game :smiley:

That should work, if it doesn’t work, you should file a bug report on github.

About the changing of resolution: that setting is above the ENV variables, you prolly changed resolution by accident while scrolling down. (Has happend to me).

I got it! thank you very much for your reply! :slight_smile: