Combine Games of the same slug/ID, in the application

I think that when you have two or more installations of the same game (with the same slug/identifier), instead of one entry per install, all of the installs should be filed under a single entry. This way, we won’t see repeated icons/banners, but also we might be able to also fix some multi-install/disc games to work as intended.

When you would click on the entry or its Play button, it should show a GTK3 dropdown allowing you to select the version to launch.

But I don’t think implementing this will be simple, I have a few edge cases with proposed dropdowns where we can see things get messy:

halo-combat-evolved has two separate game versions, but its good cause they already are designed to use the same wine prefix and install directory. Dropdown:
*Combat Evolved
*Custom Edition

gran-turismo-2 has a single PS1 version, but the game has two discs, but they are also both meant to use the same memory card. dropdown would be:
*Simulation Mode
*Arcade Mode

final-fantasy-vii has Steam and PS1, where the game has 3 disks which need to use the same memory card. dropdown:
*PS1, Disc 1
*PS1, Disc 2
*PS1, Disc 3
or maybe:
**Disc 1
**Disc 2
**Disc 3

tony-hawk-pro-skater-3 has distinctive 5th gen and 6th gen versions which dont need to interact. dropdown could consist of:

super-monkey-ball-2 is one game on Lutris but there’s a popular romhack Monkeyed Ball 2 that needs its own install since different ISO and it needs its own memory card slot

idk I’m just spit-balling but I think if we get some more brainwaves on this, we could reach a better design to handle these kinda multi-install/disc games