Civ IV won't launch

I installed Civ IV the complete edition using Lutris’s installation script.

However the game wasn’t launching like it should so I went to Configure → Game Options → and changed the executable file (it was set to something random in system32.

I changed it to the game launcher.exe (beyondthesword.exe). However the game still won’t launch.

I have no idea how to troubleshoot this. Can someone please help?

I have not tried this but install CivIV in windows vm or windows boot and apply 3.19 patch then in linux copy all files in CivIV folder to you Lutris folder and add the game in Lutris. I think the install is not handling it properly.

Patch Patch 3.19 file - Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword - ModDB

Some update, after I read this I wanted to play the mod caveman 2 cosmos best mod! Anyway I was not able to install it on Lutris so I did as I said except I am not using CivIV complete but CIV 4 warlords and beyond the sword and the patch. Install in Win copy files and add exe in Lutris.

That’s disappointing to hear, But thank you for your hlep!

It just sucks because 1.) Lutris used to work just fine for Civ iv. 2.) The steps you’re describing are above my paygrade,

Is it a problem with Lutris scripts needing to be updated or is it a different issue altogether?