Citra vs Lutris

I usually reformat my PC when a new version of my distro comes out. And I clean install my distro and set everything up again (keeping backup on data-worthy downloads).

Am wondering, can lutris/apt still download the last official builds of Citra?

I think nobody’s replying to this because nobody understands the post…
Are you having conflicts between your Lutris and you Citra installation? Is that what you mean by your title? Do you want to install Citra via Lutris, or independently of it? What distro are we talking about? What version? What’s stopping you from checking yourself the information you need? Have you even tried to check, and how? Or are you just randomly asking in a forum expecting others to do it for you?

You have to give more, and more precise, information if you expect people to help you with things here… Nobody’s able to read minds.

It’s okay. All okay so far :slight_smile:
I was worried because Yuzu / Citra stopped development - and wasn’t sure how the binaries on lutris would be affected. Seems they’re still safe