Chrashes at start Warframe

hello. I’m trying to play warframe with lutris and have some problems.

initially the game seems run ok, but when i click to play and the screen charge the game beginning, the game is crashed all times, and never got to start.

I did a strace to see if this helps to identify the problem… any help?

This is exactly what happened to me!!! please someone help!

I found something in your logs, which I can’t explain
at line 9

0.095 Sys [Diag]: Process Command-line: -fullscreen:0 -dx10:0 -dx11:0 -threadedworker:1 -cluster:public -language:es

Both dx10 and dx11 are disabled, but in the launcher-bat the follwoing line should be executed

start /b /wait "" "%gameDir%\Warframe.exe" -silent -log:/Preprocessing.log -dx10:1 -dx11:0 -threadedworker:1 -cluster:public -language:en -applet:/EE/Types/Framework/ContentUpdate