Choice of servers for The Elder Scrolls Online

I must compliment you; the TESO installer is just lovely. No stupid patch manifest errors, even the launcher update gives no problems.

Until I then reopen the launcher to actually install/download the game and see that the EU server has been selected for me and is therefore preparing to install. Now it is true that I am in Europe, but I play on the NA server. Given that the download/install is some 50 GB and takes a while (not to mention space) I don’t particularly want to install for a server that I’m not playing on (TESO installs each server-- NA, EU, or PTS-- to its own folder in the game folder).

If I run the “regular” installer provided by Zenimax (and yes, I did see your installer download ‘Install_ESO.exe’ so I know the regular installer is used) as an extra EXE inside the TESO wineprefix created by Lutris (or use it barebones in a new Lutris wineprefix), when I get to the launcher install, the list item is just “The Elder Scrolls Online”. not “The Elder Scrolls Online (EU)” as it is with your install. And I know from experience that when I start this “generic” install, when the game comes to its login screen, I will be able to select either the NA or EU server. I am not certain that I would have that choice if I installed your install that seems to pre-select the EU server. And I really don’t want to wait until 50 or more GB has downloaded and installed to find out that I can or cannot select the server of my choice.

So I would ask that this pre-selection, however it occurs, be removed from the installer. It works so well to install what is often a tricky program to install and update, that it’s a real shame to set it aside for this one issue.

Thanks a lot for your great work.