Change WoW install to newer wine version and Dx11 (solved)

I installed WoW on Lutrix using the Dx9 runner and everything worked fine until now that Blizzard abandons Dx9. I’ll need Dx10 now and a newer wine version. Just installing the new runner would probably lead to conflicts and I wouldn’t want to risk an installation that’s still running fine for another 3 months.

Dox, what would be the the best course of action?

What I do to make it as clean as possible is…

  1. Rename the old folder to “_old” (or whatever you feel like)
  2. Run through the newest installer script available on Lutris
  3. When the install has completed, copy in the old WoW folder to the same location.
  4. At that point on the new installation will see WoW, ask you if you want to add it - and voila!

I just have the actual WoW data outside the prefix. If you delete a prefix, you keep the data, and the next install of Blizzard App I just point towards the WoW data with “Locate”.

Same here, but also I just bypass battlenet altogether after the initial install by creating another launcher in lutris and point it directly to the wow.exe file.

I did as ello said (except copying because I have my WoW elsewhere) and it worked. Thanks alot!

I have been beating my head on this for a few days now.
I have tried every wich way I could find and still as soon as I enable DXVK i get the Bilzzard ahent wint to sleep issue.
I would be grateful is someone could give me some direction here.


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