Change screen Resolution whille gaming

Hi, I want to launch my game, in a newer full screen resolution (1024x576) instead of 1366x768 (default). But when I alt-Tab to switch between Chrome and my game, it just stay at 1024*576. Is there a way to do this? Thanks

PS: I am kind of a noob so plz can you describe the procedure? Thanks a lot!

Uh… What game are you trying to run and what does Chrome have to do with it?
Or do you mean temporarily changing screen size when switching windows? In that case, there’s probably no good way to do it – you either have to do it every time by hand, get used to smaller resolution, or circumvent the problem entirely (doing whatever you need in TTY/framebuffer – e.g. with links or lynx browser, or from a tablet, if you’re looking at game wiki or something). Or you can run the game in window mode (“virtual desktop” option for Wine games works too).

Well it is exactly what I wanted to do! I guess I wont be able to do it… Anyway, thanks for ur reponse

Well, technically you could employ a utility like AutoKey or Devilspie to script it, but that’s not particularly trivial so using a tablet would likely be a more practical/convenient approach.

(As an example: I’ve used AutoKey to disable Ctrl+Q insta-quit behaviour of Firefox – replacing it with confirmal dialog, and I’ve used Devilspie to make Flash player always open in fullscreen.)

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