CD install without runner

I am trying to find out if it is possible to install from a cd when there is no runner available. If so, how do I do it?

Do you mean runner or installer?

Runners are the platform, like MAME or WINE. Installer is the script that’ll set up the thing for you, then add it as a clickable in the Lutris panel.

If its just missing an installer, but you want to run it from Lutris, you can create your own WINE prefix (with necessary stuff like visualC runtime, directX, DXVK etc.), install from explorer in winetricks. In Lutris, click the + to add your own game, select the WINE runner, browse to the exe.

However, if it’s a popular game, consider writing an installer.
You can browse the older games, find a similar install script to what you want.
Download the raw YAML file locally. Edit, tweak, test with lutris --i <myinstaller.yml>, then submit :slight_smile:
Full docs are here: